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понеделник, октомври 30, 2006


ей не съм се прибрала още и се почна...
ще чакам да се видим там!

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неделя, октомври 22, 2006

cool people on the way

During my stay in the States I tried hard not to act like a tourist. I wanted to know the people - the treasure and the soul of the cities. In order to do that I had to trust people I don’t know, I had to take risks. It was quite a surprise to meet so many good folks. Guess I was lucky. Or may be we are not that different. And evil is nothing but exception.

Here are some “pearls” I met on the way. Those people (and a few more) contributed so much to make that trip an unforgettable experience. And they don’t even have a clue.

I am sentimental, I know. Cannot help it…

coming home soon

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sooo far

don't care what u say. Mariah is dope.

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сряда, октомври 18, 2006

this close

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