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четвъртък, септември 28, 2006


yesterday was my last day @work. my career as a housekeeper is over. thank God!
here are some.., i mean plenty of pictures taken on the 22nd of Sept. a neighbour of mine had a performance with his band in a casino near here and we went to support him. the blond guy. Nick.
getting ready for the concert
the concert itself
the evening ended with that native american dancing fest, that took place next to the casino.

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неделя, септември 10, 2006

carlton livingston

those three days in san diego were totally insane. starting with andy warhol's exhibition, and the museum of photographic arts in balboa park, then the beach (i saw dolphins!!), to end with that awesome reggae concert.
it wasn't that different from the parties we throw in bulgaria, except for the vibe, that feeling that whatever was happening there was real. being surrounded by rastas was almost a divine experience. when carlton livingston showed up.. oh my goodness! he just said "here i staaAAaAand.." and the crowd exploded. never in my whole life i have imagined i'll listen to "police in helicopter in search for marihuana..." life! ever. and the hymn "100 weight of collie weed"! increadible atmosphere, music and people.
thank Jah for that night!

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